A Brand made of Glitter

Brand for crafters

Which glitter would you buy? I tell you why.


Ok! One easy question. If I show you these two glitters and I tell you that both have more or less the same price (Yes, I am lying) which one would you buy? And do you know why? I do!, the answer at the end of the post!

Gliiter A and B

The craft world is full of options. There are millions of cute objects and no less supplies for your crafts. So, which one do you choose?

Sometimes it is very easy. For example, when I need thread for cross stitching I always buy DMC. I am not saying that it is the best, but it is the one I’ve always used and is the one I prefer. So, I just go to the shop and pick up the colour I need. It is very handy because even my husband can pick up the thread for me.

a bunch of dmc threads

But, what happens when it is the first time you are buying glitter, or yarn or a fascinator on etsy for your best friend’s wedding?

A very high percentage of you will decide based on the brand design. You don’t have to know the brand. The name is not the most important thing; but the packaging, the colour, the photo quality, all these things help you decide. Sometimes, one white glue seems just better than another. And in most cases you will be willing to pay a little more for a better looking product, even in something as common as glue.

So, a good brand helps a client to choose your product (which is the best one;)). She will be even willing to pay more (Haven’t we agreed that it is the best????) I think you take the point–You need some good brand design. Who doesn’t want more sellings and more earnings?
But don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that you need expensive logos, and TV ads, and lot of expenses and stuff.
Actually it is quite a lot easier (and cheaper): You just need a colour, a texture, and a style. Most importantly you just need to be consistent with it everywhere!

I will talk about how to “DIY” your brand in future posts, so stay tuned. For now, just remember that this is important, easy and full of fun. After all, if you are so special, why not your brand?

By the way, you will choose Martha Stewart’s glitter. Why? because it is from Martha Stewart, of course! It seems better, it is better. Who doesn’t love her glitter (even if you never used it)? And have you seen this cute little package? I love it (sigh! the power of branding!).

Do you usually pay more for a branded product?

✄ Stay crafty ✄

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