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Best 3 ways to get a colour palette (Part I)


When I start making or designing something, a web page or shawl, I always start picking up the colours. For me, the colours define the rest of the design. You can read more about colour in The colour of your brand. But, there are so many colours, and so many combinations that you need a method if you want to make a palette from scratch.

DIY colour palette
Rainbow merino yarn from All pretty fabrics.

There are three main ways of do it. Using a palette creator, using Photoshop and using the colour wheel. Every method has its advantages and its disadvantages. So, it is good to know them all. And believe me, all of them will give you a different palette so try them out. With this post starts a three post series of how to make a colour palette like a pro!

DIY colour palette
Rainbow felt from Nikki Wheeler.

In this first post of the series I will talk about palette creators.
Palette creators.
What is a palette creator? It is a program or web page that select colours (usually 5) from an image.
This is probably the quickest way of creating a palette. You only have to select an image and the palette creator does the rest.
It is a good way to start, because it is the least overwhelming method. You don’t need previous knowledge nor using fancy programs.
On the other hand, you have much less control over your palette and the final colours.
There are a lot of palette creators but right now Pictaculous is my favourite.

Using Palette creators.

✂ Select a photo that has the feeling you are looking for. I will use this coral and grey image from Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods.

DIY colour palette
✂ Go to a palette creator such as Pictaculous.

DIY colour palette
✂ Click on browse image and select your image.
✂ Click on Get my palette.

DIY colour palette
✂ A few seconds after you will get your palette.
✂ The web page gives you the HTML code of every colour. You can even download the adobe swatches and look similar palettes from other pages.

DIY colour palette

Now you have a palette inspired in your image. Nice colours to use in your craft and design projects. If you want to read more don’t lose the next part of the series.

How do you start designing?

✄ Stay crafty ✄


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