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How to do Glitter brushes

Today I’m going to try the Mod Podge sparkle with a quick tutorial. How to add Glitter to your make up brushes. I really love the results. Materials You will need Mod podge Sparkle Glitter in several colours A sponge or brush Your make up brushes How to do Glitter Brushes First apply a coat of […]

churn dash from a pinwheel

From a disappearing pinwheel to a churn dash block

I recently did a pinwheel quilt and I have some left over blocks. I decided to play a little a make a disappearing block with it. I love the result! It’s a churn dash block with a pinwheel in the center. It’s so easy that I think the photos will be enough. I also played […]


How to do a strap for your Yoga mat

I love to customize everything! So when I started Yoga buying a pink Yoga mat and doing a strap for it was a no-brainer. Materials. I used a fat quarter, 1 strap, 2 elastics, interfacing and a matching thread. How to do a strap for your Yoga mat Cut the strap to about 20 inches. […]

Hang your glasses

How to do an organizer for your sunglasses

How many sunglasses do you have? I do have a few and they used to be spread all over the house. That’s why I love the tutorial of today. A sunglasses organizer! It really do the trick and the tutorial can’t be easier. Materials To do the sunglasses organizer you just need A fabric strip […]

pinwheel quilt

Pinwheel quilt with Printemps from Moda fabrics

A few weeks ago I bought a fatquarter bundle. The Pritemps from Moda fabrics bit fat quarter bundle. It is a gorgeous bundle with 40! fat quarters in spring colours. I want a playful and a bit vintage quilt for the master bedroom bed: a super king size bed!!!! So It can’t be a complicated […]

Pressing surface

How to do a portable pressing surface

A pressing surface is not the fanciest tool, but it is a handy one. As quilter or seamstress you press a lot so it is useful to have a nice, cute, portable pressing surface. So, let’s start. Materials You will need: A cutting mat An old towel Chipboard of the size of your choice Some cotton […]

fabric scraps ideas

What to do with fabric scraps too small to sew.

I bet you have a lot of fabric scraps that are just too small to sew. Something like this: What can you do with them? First: Don’t throw them away!!!! They are still useful. Once of my favourites uses for fabric scraps is as cushion filling. The cushion filled with scraps is comfortable and keeps […]

craft fancy pens with fabric

Make floral pens

Do you like fancy matched pens? I do. That’s why I did this tutorial. Cute new pens, some fabric and a crafty afternoon. Sounds good to me. This is a really easy and quick project. You can even do it with children if you want. It can make a great little present for their teacher. […]


How to paint ceramic with a pen (and without oven)

If you are a pinner like me I’m sure you have seen a lot of ceramic painting technics in pinterest. The most popular one is probably using sharpies. I tried it several times and… it doesn’twork. The paint faces away after a few cycles in the dishwasher. So, I investigated a bit until I discovered […]

how to accurate fussy cut

How to accurate fussy cut.

Have you ever fussy cut fabric and ended with an awkward looking block? I bet you have. If the fussy cut is not perfectly centered it won’t work. And it will be even worst if you use it in the center of a block. Material You would need: fabric, rotary cutter, a ruler (better a […]

easy glitter box

Easy glitter box

I love glitter and my husband knows it. So he buys me some in every occasion he has. Last Christmas I received a bottle of black glitter. I know, so classy! Today I realized that black glitter was exactly what an empty box of Ferrero Rocher needed. It’s so easy and I love the result so […]

How to do a star wars quilt

How to make a Star Wars quilt

Since I´ve started quilting my husband has been asking me for a lap quilt. We both love classic Star Wars so I thought that a nerd star wars quilt would be perfect! I found difficult to come up with a design because the Star Wars fabrics are all really busy and colourful. Finally I choose […]

blue roses and pink hair

How to have blue roses and pink hair

Have you ever want to have a blue rose or pink hair? Something like this? or this? Cool! Use Photoshop. Pinterest is full of pink hair and blue roses but most of them are just photoshopped. Like this great hair, same photo, same day, different colours. But,it’s really easy to do and learning how to […]

knit socks

Tips to knit socks

Many of you may know that I love to knit. I always have a pair of knitting needles at hand. So, today I’m going to talk about knitting, knitting socks. Handmade socks are much more warmer and comfortable than purchased socks. And they make a really great present. Believe me, everybody loves them. Right now […]

size matters

Size matters… Scales too.

Size is important. We all know that but when talking about design Scale is even more important. Don’t you believe me? Look at this vintage ads. Ok, What scale mean in design? Well, it is the “amount” of your design that it is repeated in every square meter. So, if you have a lot of […]

polka dot inspiration

Polka dots inspo

I’m bringing you a bit of polka dot inspirations. Polka dots are more versatile than you think. Try a polka dot design with alternative colours like neons and you have a modern and fresh look. In black they are elegant. Red polka dots are somehow cozy and pink ones they are just girly! 1.-Pink wrapping […]


How to make your own glitter bows

I love glitter and I love to try new crafts.So when I saw some gold glittered foam I just bought it, without having any plans for them. This weekend I decided that I need some glitter in my hair so I took the foam and made this super cute bows. How to do a glitter […]

is cross stitch art?

Is cross stitch an art? The Fitzwilliam’s museum thinks so

I live in Cambridge (UK) and I love museums so I try to go at least once a month to the Fitzwilliam’s. In one of my last visits I discovered a little gallery, the SasaKawa gallery, devoted to fans and cross stitch samplers. It amazed me! They have little samplers done by English girls in […]

easter tags

DIY Egg hunt tags

Hello! Have you prepare the baskets for your Egg hunt? This tags are the perfect finishing touch. There are four models, in pink, cream, orange and navy blue. You can download them from here. ✄ Stay crafty ✄ Aldara You will love: Chevron digital paper free download Valentine’s day card and tags Thanksgiving place cards […]

easter crafts inspo

Inspo: Easter crafts.

Easter is almost here so I’m bringing you some craft inspiration. I’ve never done anything crafty for Easter because there is no tradition of Easter eggs in Spain. But, this year I’m pretty sure I will fill my home with crafty eggs. 1.- Easter plants form the The good housewife 2.- Egss and Washi tape […]