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easter crafts inspo

Inspo: Easter crafts.

Easter is almost here so I’m bringing you some craft inspiration. I’ve never done anything crafty for Easter because there is no tradition of Easter eggs in Spain. But, this year I’m pretty sure I will fill my home with crafty eggs. 1.- Easter plants form the The good housewife 2.- Egss and Washi tape […]

digital paper chevron

Chevron digital paper free download

A few posts ago I uploaded a collection of Vichy digital patterns. Today I have a collection of chevron papers for you. The collection has two parts. Chevrons of just one colour and two colours combinations. One colour chevron The colours included are Black, blue, Brown, Fucshia, Gold, Green, Grey, Maroon, Navy,Orange, Pink, Purple and […]

magnetic box

DIY magnetic box

A magnet is a really useful thing, and a magnetic box is even more useful. You can keep your pins, needles, nails and of course your magnets! I happened to have some cute little boxes but none of them were magnetic. So my pins used to end on the floor. Making a magnetic box is […]

digital paper free download

Vichy digital paper free download

Lately, I’ve been working on a few designs and for them I made several patterns. With them I’m starting a series of posts with free digital papers for you to download and use in your scrapbooking’s projects. The first pack is all about Vichy patterns. They are really cute for baby books or spring-themed cards. […]

mother's day

Free Mother’s day card printable

Next Sunday is Mother’s day. At least here in England. I know that in other places ii is celebrated on other months (from February in Norway to November in Russia) but I hope that for most of you this post comes just in time. To celebrate and help you celebrate I’ve made a greeting card […]


Heal your images with Photoshop

Sometimes you spend a lot of time doing photos for your blog and you are quite happy with the results until you see the photos on your computer. Woopsy daisy, is there a mark in the background? A needle in the quilt? A switch in the wall? What do you do? Repeat everything? No, you […]

change rotary cutter blade

Change the blade of your rotary cutter

For a few days my rotary cutter wasn’t working very well so I changed the blade. I realized that it can be tricky so I decide to make a tutorial of How to change the blade of your rotary cutter. Change the blade of your rotary cutter You need your rotary cutter and a new […]

St Patrick's day brushes

St Patrick’s day brushes for Photoshop

Happy St Patrick’s day to all the Irish and not Irish! In honour of this day I made a set of St Patrick’s day brushes for you to use in Photoshop. As many of you may know with the brushes you can decide de size and colour of your design. You even can use them […]

Spring flowers diy

DIY Spring flowers

We are almost in Spring! At least the calendar says so. And I know most of you are willing to have a full of flowers home. So, I picked up for you some of my favourite flower tutorials. I hope you enjoy them! 1.- Peonies from Lia Griffith. 2.- Tissue flower from Greedy for Colour. […]

DIY design wall

DIY design wall

As a starter quilter I soon realized that a decorator wall is a necessity. I searched a lot for a good ( and preferably cheap) solution and I didn´t find anything. So, I decided to make one by myself. Surprisingly it was a really cheap option, less than £10 in total, and quick to do. […]


Holidays & Vigo

Next week I’m going to be on Holiday. I’m returning to my hometown for a week. So there will be no posts until 10th March. Stay tuned because it will be a tutorial about how to do an easy and cheap design wall for quilts. Now I’m posting a promotional video of my hometown: Vigo. […]

white space

Declutter your design: Add some white!

When you start designing one of the most common mistakes you can make is to forget the importance of the white space. It happens with graphic designers as well as with craft designers. You feel you have to fill every empty space of your page with designs or use all your printed fabrics in just […]

candy mini quilt

Candy moda miniquilt

A few weeks ago I bought a Moda candy. It is a precut bundle with 42 different mini charms of 2.5″x2.5″. The collection is shades of black an it is really cute. The moda candy is small but with a lot of options. When I bought it I didn’t really know what to do with […]

I love colours radiant orquid

I love colours: Radiant Orchid

Like every year since 2000 Pantone has declared the colour of the year. The colour of 2014 is Radiant Orchid It is a vibrant purple that I personally love. It is one of my favourite colours of the year with the 2001 Fuchsia rose and the 2011 Honeysuckle. Have you seen the pattern here? Yes, […]

valentine's day free printable

Valentine’s day card and tags

Last post was about how to design for Valentine’s day and today I made a Valentine’s day card and gift tag for you to download; just in time for tomorrow! I love this Albert Einstein quote about love: “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.” I think it’s really funny and all the […]

valentine's day design

How to design for Valentine’s day

Like any other holiday, Valentine’s day has its own motives and colours. But despite any other holiday the variety of designs and colours are really small. If you want to design something for Christmas you have several colour options: green, red, gold even blue, and a lot of motives: trees, balls, socks, Father Christmas and […]

janome xl 601

Janome XL 601: I love it!

I have a new sewing machine. It is a Janome XL 601, and I’m in love, true love. So, I’m doing a review of my new sewing machine. If you are looking for a new sewing machine I hope this helps you. First, the principle features of the XL 601. Characteristics: Maximun speed controller Programmable […]

make your templates

Don’t buy template for quilts; do it yourself

Several weeks ago I made a hunter’s star patchwork block. It was the first time I used a template and I soon realized that cardboard templates are not perfect. They can get wet, or damaged with the rotary cutter, etc. I don’t like that, so, I looked different options and I ended up with plastic […]

crap principles of design

How to design using the proximity principle

In the last post I introduced you to the proximity principle, the last one of C.R.A.P. or the 4 principles of design. Today I’m going to use it to design a business card. The first step is to put all the information in a card. I choose a size of 85 mm x 55 mm […]

crap principles of design

C.R.A.P. or 4 steps for a great design IV: Proximity.

After three weeks of C.R.A.P. or the 4 principles of design we’ve talked about contrast, repetition and alignment. Today we will finish the series with the last design principle: Proximity. Proximity What does the proximity principle mean in terms of design? Just put all related things together, as simple as that. But why does it […]